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MB Sports Boats

Mike Brendel, the founder of MB Sports boats, is one of those guys who gets very excited about boats. He loves how they look, handle and feel in the water. His custom designed boats set the standard for boating enthusiasts everywhere. These boats demonstrate a new level of design and technology for the industry at large. The Brendel family has been in the custom boat building business since the 1950's. Mike Brendel took over the family boat building business years ago, founding MB Sports boats.

Mike became an icon in the California boat building world since the beginning, going back to the days of his Father's boat building designs. His Father gave Mike some great advice when he was leaving the company. He encouraged Mike to stay in the boat business, stay small and build a product that no one else would be able to attempt to make." Good advice from a true master of the craft.

Careful planning and exhaustive tinkering mixed with a lot of hard work began building MB Sports Boats into one of the most respected boat building companies in America. The company is recognized for the finest quality ski boats throughout the world. Irv Brendel had originally started building flat bottom drag boats in the 1950's. When Mike began working with Irv, his Father, he actually raced the boats. These boats began earning a worldwide reputation for their quality and performance, even setting records.

After the market went flat for these type boats, Mike Brendel approached Irv about building ski boats using all the knowledge they had already developed. Mike was an avid water-skier and knew they could do it, if they could find some investors to get things rolling. He found investors and started the company Ski Brendella. After years of successful building, it became one of the top Ski Boat manufactures through the 1980's. At that point the investors wanted to change some things up, which included the building methods, to increase profits. Mike was not on board and responded to them by saying "It is my family name on the side of these boats. I do not want to get away from the low production, extreme quality that we are known for." After that the relationship between to fall apart between him and the investors. Mike sold all the molds and equipment to them but kept the rights to use his name. When he left, he told them that he will prove a low volume, high quality business model can work. This is when he started MB Sports Boats.

The MB Sports Boats mission statement is:  By God's grace, maintain a dynamic, growing business with a Christian impact by developing, marketing and manufacturing quality products, which perform as they should and enrich the lives of those who use them throughout the world.  Their staff is on the water daily pushing the limits, demanding more and more out of every boat they build.  They do this to ensure that MB Sports Boats continue to lead the industry in quality, value and pride of ownership.

From the very first MB Sports boat built in August of 1993 aptly nicknamed "Kermit" because the gelcoat came out such a gorgeous bright green Mike Brendel has implemented that mission statement into his company. He built the Kermit at a friend's farm and then towed it all the way across country to the Waterski magazine's test. After that they introduced their signature series boats in 1994. At that time the company was still a small family-run business. Mike and Irv, along with a handful of artisans, built the boats by hand working side by side, day and night to build the boats.

The company began carefully choosing its dealer network and attending boat shows. One of their original dealers remembers these times well. He recently commented about the partnership in a national magazine article. He stated that they kept hearing about MB Sports boats at one of the most popular boat shows in that region, so he had to go check them out. The construction of the boat, such as the flawless gelcoat, graphics being in the gel coat (not stickers), the interior heavy grade full color custom graphics that were used and the fact that every seam was straight and true sold him on the brand. Also, the inside construction under the dash, the motor mounting, underneath the seats and other areas consumers usually don't look he was blown away by the attention to detail.

Details in construction such as using the most expensive resin available, creating intense in-gel graphics (without patterns or stencils), the use of billet hardware, grills, steering wheel, shift knobs, and bezels and more makes these boats stand out in the crowd. This attention to detail is what has built MB Sports boats into one of the most recognized quality designed ski boats in the world. The MB Sports boat brand takes great pride in acknowledging that their success has not come at the expense of quality.





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