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We will touch on all these subjects below, but by far the easiest most hassle free way to sell your boat is (if you don't want to be bothered with all of the above), is to just call:


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Price it Right

Letting an experienced broker like Texas Marine price your boat to sell will help you avoid one of the major pitfalls owners and brokers alike frequently make. In our 35 years of experience we have discovered the best way to sell a boat is to do it quickly. Otherwise, it sits on the market for months deteriorating mechanically and aesthetically, costing the seller time and money to advertise. More importantly, it becomes STAGNANT! Boats that do not sell in less than 60 days will inevitably sell for less. So price the boat to market in the beginning. Texas Marine has been in the business for a long time. They understand how your boat compares to others like it, and can best represent your boat to potential buyers.

Call Texas Marine boat brokerage yourself and tell them who you are and what type boat you have. Ask them if they have comps they can run. Also, what they think it would take to sell it. Ask the broker,  what do they think your boat is worth. Calculate the price it might cost you to hold onto your boat for a few more months.  

Prepare your Boat to Sell

Since Texas Marine has now priced your boat to sell, many buyers will be coming to look at it. Texas Marine knows how important 1st impressions are. It seems obvious, but most boats for sale are not properly prepared for the event. First and foremost, the boat should be clean. Dirty smelly boats do not sell. It is a big waste of time for everyone. We make sure to clean, vacuum and wash your boat till it is shiny, before showing it. The carpets, engine and cushions should also be clean.

At Texas Marine, a trained certified marine technician does an inspection on your boat to make sure everything is working properly. They check to see if anything is rigged and the boat runs well. It is so easy to get to the goal line, get the seller there and then fumble the ball because something is out of shape or not working properly. Texas Marine has mechanics on duty that address the situation immediately to get the problem rectified.

Before you bring your boat to a boat brokerage be sure to get rid of clutter. Get all of your own personal possessions off the boat. It can cause problems in the negotiations if the buyer sees something they feel should go with the boat and you are wanting to keep it. Also, you want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves in the boat, not you.


Putting your boat out where the largest amount of potential buyers can gain easy access is paramount. Texas Marine doesn't just stick it on the back 40 of their lot, waiting for someone to accidentally spot it like most dealers do. Buyers are usually out looking on the weekends, when sellers are normally busy. However, brokerages are open and waiting for those buyers. Texas Marine has three highly trafficked dealerships located in large cities, on major roads or Interstates, where hundreds of thousands of cars zoom by every single day. Your boat will be exposed to all those potential buyers.

Aggressive Brokerage

Why should you go with an aggressive brokerage like Texas Marine? Selling your boat can be a full time job, especially waiting to meet with sellers, who many times do not even show up. You have to arrange advertising, handle all of the showings, sea trials and deal with negotiations. Do you have the time to carefully cultivate connections to handle the financing, surveys, repairs, insurance, title work and eventual settlement? Are you willing to take a trade, to make it easier for your boat to sell? Do you even want to take in a trade? Mark my words, you do not want to deal with all this if you do not have too! Spend more of your time where its more effective, with your own job and family.

To make a decision on choosing our brokerage get recommendations off forums and reviews on websites, that are oriented towards that purpose. Also, look at the interaction on our Facebook page where our customer relations shine. We have 25,000+ people who "Like" our page and regularly interact on it. Another aspect of our aggressive brokerage is the care they take to put your boat front and center, next to a major highway. We do that in all 3 of our locations. Make sure any brokerage location is highly visible with plenty of exposure. An aggressive brokerage will have affiliations and experience with the big used boat internet sites, such as BoatTrader.com. Also you will want to check out their other forms of advertising. Let Texas Marine do the pricing research, even if you have already done it. You will want to ask any brokerage how they came up with their appraisal figure. Remember a boat priced wrong is a waste of everyone's time. Very important to the process is making sure they take trades, it greatly enhances your ability to sell your boat. When choosing a broker ask yourself if your boat is important to them, meaning do they have a separate used boat department. Check out other boats the dealer has listed online, to make sure they will be giving your boat a quality listing with plenty of pictures and appealing description.

Purchase Option

This can sometimes be the best option. It may just be better to be done with it, whether you're getting out of boating or trading up. Don't expect retail, but you might be surprised how much you get and how fast you get it. This option is not as painful as you may think, if you add up all the costs of holding on to your boat for months, the wholesale figure might seem like the better route.

The Easy Way

Call Texas Marine Boat Brokerage today at one of the above locations and let us take all the hassle out of selling your boat. We will make it easy for you!  Visit one of our three convenient locations in Beaumont, Clearlake, and Conroe, near Lake Conroe.