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Nautic Star offers the highest quality and the highest value on a wide range of boat models and Texas Marine is the #1 Nautic Star dealer in the nation. We have been serving the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana boating communities for over 30 years. We began in 1981 with a handful of boats and 2 employees. We have always maintained an excellent high quality boat inventory along with knowledgeable staff. These standards have developed into quite the winning formula over the years, to the benefit of our numerous customers. We have earned the marine industries "5 Star Dealer" rating for our integrity, respect, professionalism, courtesy and honesty. We have also won the Boating Industry Magazine "Top 100 Dealers" for 6 years in a row now. Our 100% customer satisfaction policy was developed just to show our commitment to these principles. The tremendous growth we have experienced over the last 30 years is evidence of our success in meeting and satisfying the boating community in the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Texas Marine has become one of the largest boat dealerships in the country, with 3 dealerships. They are located in Beaumont, Conroe and Clear Lake at Seabrook.

Becoming the #1 dealer of NauticStar boats in the nation took years to accomplish. This honor only came because of our hard work and dedication, along with the quality of NauticStar to begin with. Our unique selection of NauticStar boats allows us to serve a wide variety of boaters. We can do it all, from fishing fanatics and sports enthusiasts to pleasure boating families. Their quality has earned them the top spot as the #1 Bay Boat sold in all of Texas and Louisiana. NauticStar engineers, designers and craftsmen are extremely knowledgeable with 3 generations of experience on which to build. As they like to tell people "Everything starts with how the boat is built. NauticStar has superbly engineered boat lines to fit any lifestyle."

About Nautic Star Boats

Located in Armory, Mississippi NauticStar boat manufacturer takes pride in their staff of dedicated individuals from the small community. NauticStar boats are 3D Cad designed with the highest engineering and construction standards in a state-of-the-art plant that is second to none. The 3 generations of NauticStar craftsman have lead to hands on knowledge of what will simply work and what will work exceptionally well. NauticStar offers a full line of Bay, Offshore and Recreational boats. Every NauticStar is water tested before leaving the plant. They use the highest quality parts and materials, such as stainless steel fasteners, which bond the deck to hull every 2 inches. Each boat is all composite 100% wood free construction with a one-piece molded fiberglass stringer system filled with closed-cell marine grade flotation foam and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Popular Nautic Star Models

Texas Marine always carries bestsellers, such as the all-new NauticStar 214, 224 and 244 XTS models. Each of their models has its own signature but the NauticStar XTS Series, as a whole, blows the competition away with its numerous fishing and family features. Their 3D Cad designed 100% wood free construction, one piece fiberglass stringer system filled with closed-cell marine grade flotation foam and computerized five axis router cut lines means that you will not find a better built boat out there. That is why we have lifetime limited Hull Warranty on all our boats. In rough seas the NauticStar XTS series performs with absolute perfection.

Nautic Star Bay Boats

By far, the most popular NauticStar is their Bay Boat!  These days, Bay boats have become a hot commodity with the freshwater bass fishing community also. Bay boats are very versatile and can be utilized quite efficiently in fresh water. They are low profile, inshore fishing boats. They are intended for protected coastal waters because of their construction, in contrast to the open ocean. However, this type of 100% wood free all composite construction with rolled edges and flat decks is just as effective at the lake, inshore and offshore. That is why every NauticStar boat carries a limited lifetime warranty. NauticStar can offer some great skinny water fishing without having to feel crowded. When fishing Galveston Bay, with a buddy, this can be a huge asset.  Because it is a specific type of boat capable of skimming across some of the shallowest backwater flats imaginable. Fishing a Bay boat in freshwater is a bit tricky, depending largely on the boat model. You may have to do some rigging on your own to make it more accommodating for bass fishing, but that too depends on the angler. Some say installing rails around the boat, for rod holders when trolling, bimini top for hot days and just making lake fishing easier is the way to go. These boats make the best all-purpose boats any crossover angler could want. They work in the largest bays, lakes, reservoirs, rivers (like the Mississippi) and private lakes. They are able to meet any demand including the open ocean; you can even rig some of the Bay boats up for hunting.

NEW Nautic Star 231 Coastal: For the serious fishing machine with enough room for plenty of company the all-new Nautic Star 231 Coastal is the boat for you. It seats ten people and boasts two aerated livewells, fish boxes and coolers for their convenience. The center console with its head compartment is another comfort feature this boat has to offer. The designers have incorporated LED navigation lights, Nano block stain vinyl, kick panel with foot pads, lighted drink holders, Infinity stereo with Bluetooth, auto bilge pump, three rear jump seats with locking hinges and storage, a STAR performance system hull and so much more into this amazing vessel. Comfort and versatility is the name of the game for the 231 Nautic Star Coastal. It will change the way you do boating.

Nautic Star 210 Coastal

210 Coastal: A combination Bay and Deck boat. It has all the features of a Bay boat, such as extra seating and plenty of room for the entire family. It is all about the fishing with this boat. This is one of the new models at Texas Marine designed with luxury in mind, such as the NauticStar 210 Coastal. It offers amenities like cushioned seats and wide V-Berths for increased comfort while still maintaining perfect fish ability.

Nautic Star 214 XTS

214 XTS: One of our most popular, the 214 XTS Shallow Bay boat is exceptional for fishing in skinny water. This boat can maneuver through the narrowest skinny water you can find in the bay or river bottoms, without sacrificing performance or stability. It is the perfect crossover boat for fresh or salt water. Its loaded with features such as two built in aerated live wells, bait well, bow fish box, three jump seats and 20 rod holders plus so much more. It also has the center console allowing for 360 degree fishing and much more room than typical bass boats offer.

Nautic Star 214 Shallow Bay

214 XTS Shallow Bay: Skinny water is the name of the game with this comfortable ride. This boat proves that you do not have to forfeit premium features for great fish abilities.  

Nautic Star 224 XTS

224 XTS: This boat will help you always bring home the trophy. It is tournament ready and loaded. Its 22 feet of standard features alone make it seriously competitive with extreme fishability. Extreme comfort and performance is what this NauticStar 224 XTS is all about.

Nautic Star 244 XTS

244 XTS: NauticStar reached its pinnacle on maximum performance and pleasure with this tournament ready model. It has numerous fishing and comfort features, as well as, the companies Star Performance system. The Star Performance system includes:
  • The NauticStar 244 XTS comes complete with the 30 gallon bow fish box and 80 gallon fuel capacity. 
  • Shallow water draft for skinny water
  • Tournament ready with 2 tournament livewells and rod storage for up to 28 rods
  • Acceleration due to the planing pods and air assist chine
  • Ride utilizing the sharp entry Vee hull forward

Nautic Star NauticBay 1810

NauticBay 1810: This boat is for the serious angler who wants big time features in a smaller horsepower package. Some of its standard features include things like the rear fold down jump seats, aft release well and console bait well. The unique front deck houses a top entry rod locker, bow storage and insulated fish box. 

Nautic Star 1910 NauticBay

NauticBay 1910: Fun is the name of the game when you are cruising across the top of the water in this 19' powerhouse. It has 2 aerated livewells and flip up jump seats, along with many other standard features. This boat will get you to your favorite fishing spot in style. 

Nautic Star 2110 Sport

2110 Sport: Purely a fishing boat this machine is equipped with exactly what you need to be successful on your next fishing trip. With its two livewells, lockable rod storage and BayStar pro-steering this is a winning boat package.

Nautic Star 2200 Sport

2200 Sport: If you don't fish the tournaments but want some of the same features at recreational price. This boat offers two livewells, lockable rod storage and BayStar hydraulic steering. Fish with the pros in a 2200 Super Sport boat. 

Nautic Star 2400 Sport

2400 Sport: In shore, off shore or fishing in turbulent waters for stripers near the dam, this all-new NauticBay 2400 Sport gets the job done. Its shallow draft hull with high riding deep V forward takes you from the docks to the bay or oil rigs offshore and back while keeping you dry and safe. 

Nautic Star 210 Angler

Sport Deck 210 Angler: This is a serious fishing machine in the morning and versatile water sports boat later that same afternoon, the 210 Angler is the boat you have been looking for. This little gem is full of surprises with its many fishability features. It has 12 rod holders, 27 gallon aerated release well, 20 gallon aerated baitwell, cast net storage, two casting decks, flip up three cross seating, bimini top, leather touch seating, there is even a optional toilet and changing room area if you choose.

Nautic Star Deck Boats

NauticStar Deck boats are known for their large and roomy bow, large wide deck space and powerful smooth running V-bottom hulls. Their deck boat is currently a top contender in the boating industry. NauticStar Deck boats have wide decks in order to carry up to 12 passengers, but look and perform more like runabouts. They are visually pleasing while offering all the functional pleasures of any other type boat out there. Deck boats and Runabouts are extremely similar but their main difference is in their performance. NauticStar Deck boats are built for comfort and are much wider than a Sport boat. Runabouts are faster and sportier. Deck boats could be thought of as a party on the water. They have everything from grills, premier stereo systems to bathrooms. When describing the Deck boat, its promoters say," Freedom and versatility is a Deck boat." The "F" in freedom can also stand for fun! NauticStar also offers Deck boats that are outfitted for fishing with plumbed livewells, rodholders, wiring for trolling motors, and more. Like the Pontoon, the Deck boat is a magnificent entertaining boat. When your guests are getting bored, at the lake house, pile them in your NauticStar Deck boat and take off on a ski trip. If the kids are getting stir crazy, gather them into the boat and head off on a water safari where they may find ducks, beavers or deer near the waters edge. Its guaranteed to bring more entertainment and fun to the family, than just sitting around a TV. There are so many scenarios in which the Deck boat would be the perfect fit. Deck boats are custom designed for with a comprehensive understanding of their function. If large crews, water sports and fishing are your thing, this is definitely the boat for you.

Nautic Star 203SC

203 SC: This is one of the most versatile Deck boats on the market. They are also great for fishing. Some of the comfort and reliability features include enough room for ten with six under the canopy in the cockpit, bow seating for four and a portside mid ship galley with a counter top sink and cooler storage.  

Nautic Star 223 DC

Sport Deck 223 DC: You can really enjoy your ride driving on this boat. It has the beach party capacity of a Deck boat while remaining efficient. This boat leaves nothing out with its panoramic wrap around walk thru windshield, enclosed dressing room and leather touch upholstery, 11 drink holders and 7 storage compartments. You will certainly show up at the sandbar in style with this beauty. 

Nautic Star 243 DC

Sport Deck 243 DC: Nothing has been held back on this 23' Deck boat. Comfort, style and performance have all been accounted for in this unique boat model. Its got features like a wrap around seating and in the cockpit there is durable leather touch upholstery. There is also a dressing room with optional portable toilet. If you decide you want the optional shower, no problem. There is just way to many features to list with this NauticStar Deck boat.

Due to our many years of service and commitment to excellence we have earned a loyal following with repeat business. In some instances we have had the pleasure of serving several generations of boating families. Our customers run the gamut from various Country Music Superstars to nationally known TV personalities. We have plenty of stories to bend the ear of any avid boater. Come on by and enjoy a cup of coffee with us. We will be glad to show you one of the top performing brands in the industry, NauticStarVisit one of our three convenient locations in Beaumont, Clearlake, and Conroe near Lake Conroe.